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Welcome to the cellar! 

Abuela said that if you can collect her teapots that she put down there, she'll make you a HUGE celebratory dinner! Get her teapots, collect the gems, avoid enemies and spikes. 

PRESS 'E' or the 'START' button on the controller start game!

PRESS 'Q' or the 'B' button on the controller to progress dialogue!


This is a game I made to really test my programming skills and my ability to make something fun. This took me about 2 total weeks to make. I really learned a lot and am proud of the outcome. I hope you enjoy! Please leave any comments if you enjoyed. Have a great day!

I made all of the assets for the game with the exception of the brick background, and the music.

The music is from:


Main Menu Music

Game Music

Install instructions

Download and unzip the file, open the 'Builds' folder and click on Limpiar.exe


Windows Build v1.01 28 MB

Development log


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Great platform game. I really enjoyed the art and the mechanics. Good job!